About us

CulturaGo’s mission is to help travellers unlock the most meaningful experiences abroad through cultural education.


We offer world-class online culture courses designed to equip travellers with a holistic working knowledge of their destination's culture which greatly enhances their overall experience abroad.

Our Values

Our courses are designed on the following core values:

No one culture is the same as another. In order to fully immerse in a foreign culture you need to understand the ins and outs of what makes it unique from all the other cultures of the world.

Everyone’s experience of culture is different. We don’t believe we can dictate what your experience of a culture should be. Instead, we provide you with a variety of perspectives, tips, and factual insights so you have a foundation from which your own experience can be developed from.

Greater awareness fosters greater connections. Too many connections fail to be made through a misunderstanding between people different to ourselves. We believe awareness is the first step to forming greater connections across cultures, and more meaningful travel experiences which benefit not only travellers but the local communities through which they travel

Culture has been ignored for too long. For too long, online resources and travel guidebooks have failed to equip travellers with sufficient insight into a destination’s culture. We are pioneering a change to being the go-to resource for better understanding a destination’s culture.

Whether you are travelling to study, work, or for leisure, a better cultural understanding of your destination will dramatically enhance your experience.