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Learn at your own pace, according to your schedule.

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Bite-sized lessons to achieve valuable learning goals.

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Access the CulturaSkills Community to connect, share and develop.

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Career Ready

Intercultural and inter-identity competency for career readiness and workplace success.


What's in the Course?

Unpack the topics below, and obtain the tools to thrive abroad as a student.

 1.5 hours         📚 6 Lessons      🎯6 Solutions 

Intercultural Skills for Success

 1.5 hours  

📚 6 Lessons   🎯 6 Solutions 

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Stay Curious

An open and curious mindset is essential to connect, learn and grow.


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Honor Mistakes

Self-reflection unleashes your mistakes’ greatest learning potential.

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Connect with Yourself

Overcome challenges through grounding yourself and self-compassion.

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Celebrate Identities

Respect, celebrate and be proud of your own and others' identities.


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Connect with Others

Open and active communication leads to deeper connections across differences.

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Embrace Worldviews

Everyone’s experience of the world is impacted by their culture and social identity.

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Learners share their experience of the CulturaSkills course.

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