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Introduction to UK Culture

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Introduction to UK Culture

Learn invaluable insights into UK etiquette, the unique perspective of the UK locals, advice on how to adjust to your new studying environment, as well as how to experience the country like a local. members receive a 60% discount.

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Enhance your study abroad experience

  • Connect with the local students: learn to interact confidently with British peers and professors, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • Avoid embarrassing faux pas: get a handle on the complex world of etiquette and find out what’s socially acceptable—and what’s not.
  • Adjust like a pro: prepare to sail through your adjustment period and have more time to enjoy your university experience.
  • See the ‘real’ UK: get insider tips and advice on fitting in easily and access a more authentic view of UK life.
  • Make the most of your study abroad: maximize every opportunity for intercultural exchange.

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Is this course for me?

This course will teach you how to embrace Spanish culture. The lessons you learn will help you grow on a personal, professional, academic, and civic level.

If any of these statements ring true for you, then we highly recommend you enroll.

  • I intend to move to Spain to live, work, or volunteer
  • I plan to study in Spain as an exchange student
  • I love all things Spain, from flamenco and tapas to Don Quixote, Picasso and LaLiga!
  • Someone I know is from Spain and I’d like to improve our relations
  • I’m visiting Spain for a long or short term trip
  • I’m curious how cultural awareness can help me to understand myself and my own culture, as well as other people and their cultures
  • I want to be prepared for how gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity are handled in Spain

Your Benefits

Take full advantage of your unique and exciting study abroad experience in the UK.

Two people sitting on a stack of books and studying.

11 jam-packed topics, each with a variety of lessons to learn from.

A person holding a trophy and running up colorful stairs.

Enhance your career readiness and develop your cultural competency skills beyond your international study experience.

A person wearing headphones, watching a video of another person talking on a laptop.

Extensive interviews with locals and expats who live abroad in the UK.

A person appreciating the positive comments and connectiveness they are receiving via the online community platform.

Access the Community to ask for advice and share experiences.

A young man wearing a purple backpack, looking happily at the information being displayed on his phone.

Participate in interactive tasks and moments of reflection.

A hand holding a pencil, writing a red A on a piece of paper.

Official completion certificate to add to your resumé and LinkedIn profile.


What's in the Course?

Unpack the topics below, and obtain the tools to thrive abroad as a student.

A hand holding the flag of the United Kingdom.


Two students throwing their graduation caps into the air.


A red double decker bus.


A book about British culture.

Culture & Customs


A woman searching online for places to stay.


A bottle of medication; the healthcare symbol; four medical pills; and a stethoscope.


Two friends sitting under a tree and talking.


A cycle of weather: rain, snow, overcast and windy.


Fish and chips, a knife and fork, a bottle and glass of beer, and an English breakfast.

Food & Drink

8 people of different racial and ethnic groups with a heart in the center.

Identity, Diversity & Inclusion

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