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CulturaGo's online culture courses are designed to increase your cultural awareness of the destination you are traveling to - unlocking the potential for a more meaningful experience abroad.

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Culture-Focused Modules

Grasp the fundamental elements of your destination’s culture broken down across multiple modules

First-Hand Experience

Learn from both native locals and former travellers through their personal stories and practical tips on assimilating to your new cultural environment

So Much More Than a Travel Guide

Our courses are your compass to forming deep meaningful connections and having authentic cultural experiences during your travels

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Our course provides students with essential information about Korean culture so they may assimilate more easily, and have a more fulfilling experience during their time exploring the country. Our interest is not to act as a promoter for the country, but to provide helpful insights and practical tips, so that you can better understand and embrace the differences of living in such a unique part of the world.

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A deeper, more meaningful travel experience made possible through cultural education

Arrive in your destination more prepared and confident for the experience that lies before you. Our culture courses are designed to fast-track cultural assimilation, make culture shock more manageable and provide the direction and awareness needed to immerse successfully in your destination's unique cultural environment.

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This demo version of our South Korean Culture Course prepares those looking into purchasing will give you a feel for what the full version of our course entails and the depth and format of the course content. 

Introduction to Korean Culture (DEMO)