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International travel has become a normal part of modern-day life. Journeys that used to take months, you can now make in hours. So it’s natural that more of us than ever before want to get out there and explore our planet! 

The team behind CulturaGo is no exception. We’ve been around the world, visited all sorts of fantastic places, and met some fascinating people along the way. Our travels have shaped who we are today and inspired what we do. But it hasn’t been without its hiccups. 

Like anyone, we’ve experienced the frustration and isolation of culture shock and been in our fair share of sticky situations. We’ve faced uncertainty and not known how to behave or react. We’ve misunderstood people and made assumptions based on a biased worldview.

With hindsight, our experiences could have been improved, if only we’d had a better understanding of our destinations’ cultures. One thing became clear: the moments we had the confidence to take a cultural leap were the most rewarding. When we deeply immersed ourselves in the local culture, those memories were the ones that stayed with us. And, the ones that had the biggest positive impact on the local community.

We realized we want to make [a difference in/an impact on] everyone’s experience of a new culture, in a way that benefits both you and the local community. We wanted to help all intercultural experiences be more authentic and meaningful. 

And so, CulturaGo was born. We set out to make short and fun e-courses to help you learn about a specific culture, and equip you with the skills to have a richer and more immersive cultural experience while abroad. We reached out to academics and cultural experts, locals, and expats from all over the world to collaborate on courses that would be factual and objective, but still fun and engaging. 

So far our platform offers three courses, for destinations Japan, Spain, and South Korea. Students, teachers, and culturally-conscious travelers around the world are already learning with CulturaGo to prepare for their trips abroad. 

Our mission is to improve understanding of other cultures through online education and encourage more meaningful, enriched, mutually beneficially intercultural experiences. We want to actively help preserve cultural heritage, encourage intercultural empathy,  and promote harmony between cultures.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to improve understanding of cultures through online education. 

To help us fulfil our role to the highest standard, we stay true to our core values: objectivity, cultural awareness, reciprocity, and diversity.


Our course content is well-presented, and free of personal bias or judgement. Learners can use our material to enhance their own personal experience of the culture.

Cultural Awareness

We promote a greater awareness in order to better understand, appreciate, and engage with foreign cultures.


Cultural exchange should be mutually beneficial, in a way which celebrates and preserves cultural heritage.


We believe in making international travel more accessible to underrepresented groups, by providing tailored content that addresses diverse identities.

The ultimate pre-travel companion

We are bridging the gap between travel and culture to help you build a solid foundation of cultural savvy.

Use it to carve out your own path and seek adventure abroad, whether you plan to study, work, intern, volunteer, teach, or travel.

Reduce culture shock

Integrate faster so you have more time to enjoy the destination, don’t let culture shock cut your time short, get a handle on realistic expectations.

Have an authentic experience

Don’t get sucked into tourist traps, see the ‘real’ country, understand the climate, best areas, places to go and things to do and see

Improve your resume

Bag the best jobs or placements and impress potential employers or Universities by showing you’re keen to engage with the community. Your pre-existing knowledge of customs and etiquette will also help your career progress more quickly.

Make meaningful connections

Learn to communicate appropriately with different groups of people and make real friendships that will last a lifetime, who knows what opportunities arise and can lead you all over the world, leave your comfort zone, don’t just interact with other people from your country in a foreign place.

Increase harmony

In the face of modern global issues like climate change, it’s more important than ever that we work together and accept multiple cultures. Greater understanding leads to more respect, supporting intercultural peace.

Embrace our diverse world

Examine the complexities of race, gender, sexuality, religion, and disabilities in the context of living or traveling abroad. We aim to make international travel more accessible to underrepresented groups by developing awareness, education, and compassion.

Meet our team

CulturaGo is run by a decentralized team based in locations all around the globe. We’re proud to be an eclectic bunch of people with a host of skills and expertise, united by an earnest passion for culturally conscious travel that is the driving force behind CulturaGo.

Stewart Brown

Cofounder & CEO

Liam Kelly

Cofounder & COO

Our company

CulturaGo, Inc. “CulturaGo” is a Delaware LLC, registered at:

651 North Broad Street

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