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About CulturaGo


Less than two years ago, the idea behind CulturaGo was just a dream. Thanks to the coming together of our incredible and diverse global team we have created high-quality, informative, accountable, and truly inclusive cultural learning tools for travelers worldwide - something unique and very much needed in the world today.

We set out to create CulturaGo with the simple vision of educating the world about culture, with the collective belief that the true purpose and benefit of international study and work abroad experiences can be unlocked and supported by creating meaningful connections, powerful encounters and bonds that transcend barriers of culture, nationality, race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender.

To solve some of the world’s most complex problems we need to work with the diverse perspectives around us. CulturaGo believes in giving people the chance to engage more effectively with different worldviews from a place of empathy, understanding and competence through cultural preparation.

By fostering cultural preparation, students and young professionals everywhere can avoid putting the benefits of their experiences abroad at risk and develop an essential set of skills for their career readiness and maximum employability in today’s globalized job market.

- Liam Kelly, CEO and Co-founder of CulturaGo

Our core values

We believe that increased cultural awareness, especially before travel, contributes to more meaningful and impactful intercultural experiences.


We believe in presenting content that is accurate, aware of its biases and constantly updated. Our materials are all audited by experts in their fields.

Cultural Awareness

We promote greater awareness to better understand, appreciate, and engage with foreign cultures.


Cultural encounters should be mutually beneficial exchanges that celebrate and respect local traditions.


We make international travel more accessible to under-represented groups with tailored content addressing diverse identities.

Our Team

Liam Kelly
Co-Founder and CEO


Ana Chemaly
Course Production Manager


Courage Sengwe
Business Support Specialist


Marcello Francioni
Head of Education


Harry Haddon
VP of Learning


Ebony Ellis
Partnership Engagement and Learning Innovation Manager


Stephan Van De Ven
Community Manager


Jennae Gedeon
Product Manager


Our Goals

To support universities, companies and other institutions with market-leading cultural preparation resources, to enhance the experience abroad of their students, clients or employees.
To empower individuals traveling abroad and to provide identity-specific cultural guidance, to bring their experience abroad to the next level.

Universities • Colleges • TEFL and TESOL Organizations • Internship Providers • International Companies and Organizations

How we support Partners

University exchange students • Conscious travelers • English teachers abroad • Digital nomads • Interns

How we help Learners

How can we help you?

I am looking to offer cultural preparation resources to my students, clients and employees.
I am about to go abroad and I am looking to have a more meaningful and immersive cultural experience.

Universities • Colleges • TEFL and TESOL Organizations • Intern Organizations • International Companies and Organizations

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University exchange students • Interns • English teachers • Digital nomads • Conscious travelers

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