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CulturaGo is on a mission to unlock the most meaningful travel experiences abroad through cultural education.

Our online courses are designed to equip travelers with a holistic working knowledge of the culture of the destination they are traveling to from which a smoother transition into a foreign environment can be achieved and from which the most authentic and meaningful connections can be made along the way.

Our courses are designed to serve the following purposes:

  • Reduce conflict and misunderstandings across cultures
  • Form deep meaningful connections with local communities and fellow travelers
  • Understand and overcome culture shock more easily
  • Awareness of how to have the most authentic experiences of your destination’s culture

Our first course focuses on South Korea. We are hard at work behind the scenes developing a variety of new courses for more destinations throughout the world which will be launching soon.

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Our South Korean Culture Course prepares those looking to live or travel in South Korea so that they may obtain a more fully submerged experience during their time in the country.

Multiple modules comprising the fundamental elements of life in Korea:

  1. Understanding the Korean perspective
    Modern Korea in a nutshell: the people and their beliefs, values and attitudes towards their evolving culture and lifestyle
  2. Areas of South Korea
    A brief look at the geography, climate, metropolitan vs. rural life, and popular travel destinations
  3. Korean etiquette
    Learn the incredibly detailed system of etiquette, and tips on how to apply it at work and in social settings
  4. Culture shock
    Understand the stages of culture shock, and get the best advice on how to make a quicker and easier adjustment to life abroad
  5. Experiencing the country like a local
    The whole social spectrum of life in Korea, favorite places, food and drink, hobbies and activities for both natives and expats
  6. Working as an English Teacher in Korea (TEFL Edition Only)
    Learn all about the cultural nuances unique to working as an English teacher in Korea

What's Included in this Course

  • Video interviews with Koreans and expats providing their personal experience and advice for adjusting to life in South Korea
  • Multiple modules focusing on key aspects of Korean culture that every visitor must know before arriving
  • Get the important details and facts of life in Korea. Our goal is to prepare you for a realistic experience; not just highlights of the best tourist destinations. Know what to expect, and how to best adjust for a more engaging experience of life abroad

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We're working hard behind the scenes to bring you two new courses:

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Sample our Korea Culture Course.

This demo version of our South Korean Culture Course prepares those looking into purchasing the full product and want to live or travel in South Korea so that they may obtain a more fully submerged experience during their time in the country.