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Connect With Locals
image Gain confidence to socialize outside of your comfort zone and create life-long bonds.
Avoid Faux Pas
image Be aware of potential mistakes and make better first impressions at work and at university.
Adjust Like a Pro
image Knowing what to expect and how to react avoids culture shock and reduces anxiety.
Immerse in the Culture
image Use your knowledge to steer clear of tourist traps and experience life abroad like a local.

Grow your Cultural Intelligence

We believe that education can foster awareness, develop cultural intelligence (CQ) and increase understanding between cultures. Join our community and help us create more meaningful and considerate intercultural exchanges that actually benefit you and the local community around you.

Our Courses

What's in Our Courses?

Module Learning

Our compact lessons, grouped up in thematic modules, introduce core topics and concepts - all written and audited by established social scientists.

Course Guide

Let our Course Guides be your companion. Each Course Guide has a deep tie with the country they present. Learn more about your Guide in the Course Introduction.

Various Learning Styles

Our materials aid different learnings styles using Key Tips, Did You Know points, country-specific imagery with informative captions, video interviews and extra PDF resources to download if you want more.

Completion Certificate

Once you complete your course, you will receive a CulturaGo Course Completion Certificate to recognize your achievement.

Real-life Perspectives

Get a honest point of view directly from people who have lived, worked, or studied in the country. Our video interviews are full of insider tips and priceless insight.

Identity-based Module

A whole module dedicated to identities, diversity and inclusion, with a focus on race and ethnic minorities, gender dynamics as well as sexual and gender diversity.

Health & Safety Advice

Our courses, and our identity-based modules in particular, are packed with up-to-date and reliable information to support your Health and Safety abroad.

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Business Fundamentals

Presented by GMAC

Master all the basics of Finance, Accounting and Statistics in a business context. Gain the confidence you need to hit the ground running in your MBA or Master’s program.

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