CulturaGo Grant Summer ‘23: Making Cultural Preparation Accessible

Mar 14, 2023
CulturaGo Grant Summer '23

At CulturaGo we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have an enriching international education experience. To achieve our aim we have designed comprehensive pre-departure online courses tailored for students and professionals traveling to the UK, South Korea, Japan, Italy and Spain - with more to come.

In line with our efforts to expand access to our resources, we have developed the CulturaGo Grant. This program offers those involved in international education the opportunity to apply and provide their students, for a set period, with free access to our courses. 

In this blog post, you will learn more about what the CulturaGo Grant entails and the benefits of our courses for your students and your institution. 

Keen to know more? Let’s get started! 


CulturaGo Grant Summer ‘23: Making Cultural Preparation Accessible

At CulturaGo, we believe in using education to promote cultural awareness and increase understanding and empathy, leading to more respectful and meaningful cultural exchanges. We aim to give students abroad the confidence to take the leap and deeply connect with people, places and cultures. With the CulturaGo Grant, we hope to make our courses accessible to a wider range of students. 


Who Should Apply for the CulturaGo Grant? 

We are looking for applications from institutions and organizations in the following categories who understand the importance of cultural preparation and want to support their students’ experiences abroad, but currently may lack the necessary financial resources or funds.

  • State Universities
  • Minority-serving colleges and universities (MSIs)
  • Liberal Arts Colleges 
  • Community Colleges 
  • Consortiums 
  • Nonprofit companies 
  • Private Colleges and Universities
  • Private companies, e.g. Study Abroad providers

Applicants will need to demonstrate that there is a need within their student body for destination-specific intercultural and inter-identity resources, as well as how they will integrate these effectively into their programs. 

In particular, we want to support institutions that run initiatives aimed at empowering students from under-estimated backgrounds, such as women and gender non-conforming individuals, first-generation students, BIPOC students, including Latinx, Asian and Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander students; and students part of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. 


Why Apply for the CulturaGo Grant? 

We are proud to partner with universities and travel institutions around the world, equipping their students or applicants with the knowledge and tools they need to have positive and fulfilling international experiences. We have received positive feedback from both students and partners who have used and implemented our courses. 

Benefits for the students: 
  • Reduce culture shock
  • Build cultural competence 
  • Develop cross-cultural skills
  • Enhance health & safety preparation 
  • Increase academic performance  
Benefits for the institutions:
  • Reduce the rate of study abroad program dropout 
  • Enhance levels of student support regarding social, educational and health matters
  • Access to destination-specific information 
  • Enhance the reputation of the institution's study abroad program
  • Increase attention on identity-specific matters and students’ well-being
  • Reduce the need for the creation and maintenance of pre-departure resources 


What is included in the CulturaGo Grant? 

The 10 institutions or organizations that will be selected to partner with us through the CulturaGo Grant, will receive free access to our courses for their students. Our predeparture resources are filled with practical and country-specific information that is easy to apply in real-life situations. The modules of our courses cover everything from customs & etiquette, educational & working environments, health & safety, to guidance for under-represented groups. 

  • Up to 1000 logins valid to be redeemend from 14 April to 30 June 2023. (once redeemed, students have lifetime access)
  • Seamlessly integrate the courses into your pre-departure processes. 
  • Insights into the learners’ experience and impact of CulturaGo courses. 
  • A completion certificate for each learner upon successful completion of the course. 


The benefits of cultural preparation for international students cannot be overstated and we hope that our efforts will help your students make the most of their experience abroad. Are you interested in our courses? Then what are you waiting for? Have a look at the Official Rules and apply now to be considered for the CulturaGo Grant Summer ’23! Applications close on April 7th, 2023.


Sharing knowledge, bridging cultures. Learn together with us! 


Be considered for the CulturaGo Grant Summer ’23: Apply now >

(Applications close on April 7th, 2023.)




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