Cultural Preparation for Success Abroad: Thriving in the UK as an International Student

Mar 10, 2023
Thriving in the UK as an International Student

Home to some of the best universities in the world, the UK is a popular destination among open-minded and intrepid international students. Studying abroad is an exciting and life-changing experience. However, adapting to a new living, study and work culture may be overwhelming. This is where cultural preparation comes in handy, giving you a kick-start both in terms of your academic success and your future.

At CulturaGo we have designed online destination-specific cultural preparation courses that equip individuals with the information and skills necessary to make the most of their life abroad. The cultural scene in the UK is vibrant and diverse, yet it is important to be aware of commonly held attitudes, practices, values and beliefs. 

In this blog we will explore how being culturally prepared can positively affect your admission process and academic career, smooth the hiccups of your daily life in the UK and open doors to exciting job opportunities.

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Be better equipped for your life abroad and be able to anticipate cultural differences.  

As you start your life in the UK, you will feel excitement and confidence meeting new people and finding yourself in new situations. As you keep going, though, you may notice that there is something in the way people do or see things that is not in tune with you, and you may start feeling homesick, lonely, and frustrated. By acquiring knowledge and growing your understanding of UK culture, you will be better equipped to handle this transition and know how to deal with, what is commonly known as, culture shock.

Cultural preparation enables you to anticipate cultural differences, adjust your behavior and expectations accordingly, and approach people and situations with an open mind and open heart. CulturaGo’s Introduction to UK Culture course will help you avoid misunderstandings and social faux pas, making it easier for you to make friends or succeed in your studies.

Cultural preparation can have a positive impact on your application process for UK Universities and improve your chances of being accepted. 

Along with your academic achievements – and possibly a language proficiency test - most UK universities require a personal statement. Including cultural information in your personal statement will reveal your genuine interest and willingness to immerse yourself in the UK culture. Ideal candidates are aware of cultural differences, capable of appreciating them, and are able to contribute with their own backgrounds. CulturaGo’s Introduction to UK Culture course helps you think about the cultural assumptions you may harbor about the UK and about your own culture, while encouraging interaction with locals, cultural immersion and exchange. This way you can develop your intercultural competency faster and deeper.

Cultural preparation can smooth the daily hiccups as you get used to life in the UK. 

Throughout the modules of the CulturaGo UK course, you will learn that in the UK society self-sufficiency is considered a valuable trait, and that university students are thought of as independent adults-in-training. You will be expected to deal with a fair share of adulthood responsibilities: cooking and house chores, managing finances, and taking care of your physical and mental health. With CulturaGo’s guidance and practical tips, you will be able to understand better and quicker how life works in the UK, how to effectively interact with people, what kind of support is offered and how to access it.

Cultural preparation can support your academic success and increase your employability. 

By studying abroad, students develop valuable life skills, like the ability to adapt to new environments and handle the unexpected, interact with people from diverse backgrounds and understand how to successfully navigate cross-cultural communication. CulturaGo helps international students adjust to the UK's rigorous academic system and competitive job market norms and expectations. You will be able to properly build relationships with peers and teachers, and those are invaluable assets for networking and future career opportunities.

We know that moving to a new country can be daunting, but by being culturally prepared you increase your chances of admission to UK universities, excel academically and boost your employability. Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards success by preparing with CulturaGo Introduction to UK Culture course!


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