Introducing the NEW CulturaSkills: Soft Skills for Cross-Cultural Fluency and Career Acceleration

May 23, 2024

CulturaGo is proud to announce the launch of the new and improved CulturaSkills program.

Since 2023, CulturaSkills, the world’s most compact experiential online program for intercultural skills development, has empowered learners to engage effectively across differences. However, as our world has become increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced, the demand for an even broader range of workplace-ready ‘soft’ skills has exploded. These transferable skills help individuals navigate complex and dynamic work environments, and provide the basis on which more technical skills are built.

In response to this rapidly changing global landscape (and to feedback from our learners), CulturaSkills has been redeveloped to meet this demand. Because our program often engages learners at the starting line of their careers, it’s perfectly positioned to equip them with the soft skills needed to thrive. And as many of our learners are set to head abroad, this presents the ideal opportunity to learn and practice these skills in a new and diverse cultural context. 

Quote by New York Times: In the past, jobs were about muscles. Now, they’re about brains. But in the future, they’ll be about the heart.

The revamped CulturaSkills program actively promotes cross-cultural fluency, soft-skill development, and career acceleration. It's designed for students and professionals to:

  • Identify and understand the most in-demand soft skills and develop actionable habits to cultivate and strengthen them;
  • Gain concrete frameworks to grow and apply these skills across cultural differences – whether in a diverse team or as part of an international experience;
  • Practice articulating these skills to build confidence and workplace readiness through a video-based, reflective final project that mirrors a real-world job interview.     


Partnering With CulturaSkills to Promote Cultural Fluency and Career Readiness

CulturaSkills enables universities and international education organizations to enrich their bootcamps, internships, and study-abroad programs to foster globally competent and career-ready future professionals.

By integrating CulturaSkills, you’re empowered to:

  • Enhance your curriculum: Seamlessly incorporate career-critical soft-skills training into your program to differentiate it and demonstrate a commitment to nurturing your students' well-rounded development.
  • Prepare students for global success: Equip your students with the essential resources and tools needed for a confident and respectful immersion abroad, a successful internship, or a thriving career in any cultural context.
  • Enrich your campus community: Foster an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative environment that makes students feel not only welcome but seen for their unique identities and cultures.
  •  Showcase your transformative impact: Better market and promote your program with authentic student testimonials, generated by the CulturaSkills reflection tool and final project.

This is why leading institutions worldwide have chosen CulturaSkills to support their students' personal and professional growth.

Some of our partners: Michigan Engineering, King's College London, George Mason University, New York University, University of Central Oklahoma, Spanish Studies Abroad, Columbus State University, iXperience,, The Asia Institute. Our 2024 grantees: Durham University, DeMontfort University, University of Central Lancashire, Costa Rica Global Learning Programs, Teesside University, York St John University.

Feel free to book a call to explore how CulturaSkills can benefit your institution or company.


Why Intercultural and Soft-Skill Training?

Soft-skill training and career readiness have become regular features in the public discourse around the future of education and work – so much so that seven of the ten most in-demand career skills listed by the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2023 report are soft skills.

Top 10 Skills of 2023: 1 Analytical thinking (cognitive skill, underlined), 2 Critical thinking (cognitive skill, underlined), 3 Resilience, flexibility, and agility (Self-efficacy skill, underlined), 4 Motivation and self-awareness (Self-efficacy skill, underlined), 5 Curiosity and lifelong learning (Self-efficacy skill, underlined), 6 Technological literacy (Technology skills), 7 Dependability and attention to detail (Self-efficacy skill), 8 Empathy and active listening (Working with others skill, underlined), 9 Leadership and social influence (Working with others skill, underlined), 10 Quality control (Management skills).

The top-10 in-demand career skills in 2023 according to the World Economic Forum.
Underlined are soft skills.

Furthermore, the World Economic Forum report stresses that engagement with resources targeting soft skill development (via a cross-section of Coursera’s online-learning data) remains worryingly low, deepening the imbalance between supply and demand for these skills on the job market.

A graph showcasing the Share of learning hours on Coursera (%) on the y axis and Reskilling focus 2023-2027 (%) on the x axis. Ultimately, the graph showcases that the majority of learning hours on Coursera are dedicated to hard skills like networks, programming, design which present lower on the reskilling focus scale. Soft skills like Curiosity and lifelong learning, Resilience, flexibility, and agility, Creative thinking, and Leadership and social influence, sit lower on the y-axis, however have between 30 and 50% reskilling focus between 2023 and 2027.

The share of learning hours spent by users on a skill on Coursera's learning platform in 2022 versus the probability of it appearing in the platform's skills strategy for 2023-2027. (Source: The World Economic Forum) Outlined in red are soft skills.

CulturaSkills has been specifically designed to target these most critical soft skills and facilitate their development in a natural, appealing, and relevant way.


The CulturaSkills Course at a Glance

At CulturaGo we strive to provide an engaging and supportive learning environment that caters to diverse learning styles. Our CulturaSkills program features accessible, bite-sized lessons designed for easy retention and navigation. The user-friendly interface, complete with a clear structure and progress-tracking system that maintains motivation, allows learners to revisit information and quickly find what they need.

CulturaSkills’ six lessons are carefully designed to guide learners as they build five of the most in-demand soft skills cited by the World Economic Forum report. Each lesson features a practical learning principle, which encapsulates the soft skill being developed and acts as a motto that learners can return to throughout their intercultural interactions.

All the lessons in CulturaSkills. Lesson 1: Stay Curious. The drive to explore, learn, question, and seek different perspectives and ideas, fueling innovation and creating a mindset of openness and improvement. Skill learnt: Curiosity & Lifelong Learning. World Economic Forum Report Ranking: 6. Lesson 2: Honor Mistakes. The ability to swiftly recover from personal and professional setbacks by focusing on the learning potential of one's mistakes, and the dexterity to adjust one's behaviors and actions in order to move quickly through unfamiliar tasks or circumstances. Skill learnt: Resilience, Flexibility & Agility. World Economic Forum Report Ranking: 5. Lesson 3: Connect With Yourself. The ability to manage both one’s own emotions, aspirations and expectations, and to understand those of others, with the goal of fueling one’s personal and professional growth. Skill learnt: Motivation & Self-Awareness. World Economic Forum Report Ranking: 9. Lesson 4: Celebrate Identities. The awareness of how social identities may impact one’s own and others’ lived experiences, and the commitment to celebrating the personal and professional positive impact brought about by those differences. Skill learnt: Diversity Awareness. World Economic Forum Report Ranking: N/A. Lesson 5: Connect With Others. The ability to freely share and take in thoughts, suggestions, feedback, concerns and ideas as a way to strengthen ongoing relationships. Skill learnt: Empathy & Active Listening. World Economic Forum Report Ranking: 10. Lesson 6: Embrace Worldviews. The ability to understand the multi-faceted nature of reality with the aim of leveraging complexity and different perspectives to resolve friction and conflict. Skill learnt: Analytical Thinking. World Economic Forum Report Ranking: 1.

The CulturaSkills course reflects an enticing blend of the latest knowledge, advanced pedagogical methods, and fundamental user appeal. Some of its features include:

  • The capacity to measure growth: Pre- and post-course assessments allow you to easily gauge shifts in attitude and track learners’ development of intercultural and soft skills.
  • An inspirational course guide: Learners are accompanied by a host throughout the course, offering a regular and reassuring video presence.
  • Collections of interviews: Video interviews with a diverse range of contributors provide different points of view, and unique insights, replicating the experience of engaging with and learning from people of different cultures.
  • Practical tips: Theory is combined with real-world examples, equipping learners with practical tips for success.
  • A foundation for supercharging hard skills: Learners are encouraged to grapple with scenarios that simulate challenges in real-world interactions, helping them grow their skill set with confidence.
  • A vibrant community: Students are empowered to engage with and learn from each other through shared activities and an active community forum.
  • Workplace-relevant application: The optional reflective final project gives learners that opportunity to practice articulating the skills that they developed through CulturaSkills and their international experience.

By promoting the acquisition of soft skills via an engaging platform, CulturaSkills prepares learners for their personal and professional future, whether at home in a diverse setting or abroad for study, travel, or work.

Why not discover how CulturaSkills equips learners to engage, collaborate, and lead across differences? We’d love to hear from you!

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