Online Cultural Preparation Courses for University Students

Mar 17, 2022
As a university student or faculty member, you can enroll in our online culture preparation courses at no cost.

We’re offering free online cultural preparation courses to university students and faculty!

The announcement that we are offering university students and staff free access to CulturaGo courses until August 2022 is an exciting one for us as it propels us forward in our mission to improve the understanding of different cultures through online education.

Stewart Brown, our Co-Founder and CEO explains that when students and faculty are prepared for the culture they're traveling to, they are able to adjust to their environment with greater ease and enjoy richer experiences. This allows them to focus on completing their programs abroad and to perform better academically, with fewer instances of culture shock, anxiety and depression. 

This is a great opportunity to gain access to invaluable courses that have been curated by specialists, including anthropologists and sociologists who have a deep understanding of the culture. We also work closely with travel writers, locals and expats, to create informed, dynamic and in-depth material, based not only on theory but first-hand experiences. In addition, the diversity, equity and inclusion module, which will soon be available in each course, addresses critical topics like racial and ethnic diversity, sexual minorities and gender dynamics, making cultural exchange more accessible to historically underrepresented groups. 

The courses will be of particular value to university staff and student recruitment offices and study abroad programs. With this offering, universities that send or receive international exchange students and staff, can provide their students with an unparalleled cultural orientation at no cost. 


For university faculty, visit our partner page to apply to enroll your students at no charge. 

Registered university students, click on the links below to enroll for a free course: 

Japanese Culture | Korean Culture | Spanish Culture 


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