New and Improved UK Culture Course

Sep 07, 2023
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At CulturaGo innovation is not just a buzzword, but a commitment deeply ingrained in our DNA. We understand that the world of online education is dynamic and ever-evolving, and that's why we consistently strive to enhance our learners' experience.

Learning should be an engaging and enriching journey. We recognize that the key to creating exceptional online courses lies in understanding our learners' needs. The revamp of our Introduction to UK Culture goes exactly in that direction.

Through in-depth interviews and comprehensive surveys, we directly engaged with our learners to gain a deep understanding of their experiences, preferences, and challenges. This collaborative approach demonstrates our commitment to a user-centric philosophy.

As you navigate through the newly improved Introduction to UK Culture course, you'll notice a seamless integration of learner-suggested improvements, innovative features, and a fresh interface that promotes intuitive navigation, making it easier than ever to access resources, track progress, and collaborate with fellow learners.


Areas of Focus

Microlearning: Smaller lessons and more focused topics to maximize learning based on learners’ needs.

Accessibility: All of the course resources are now more accessible for people who are deaf, blind or have low vision.

Flexibility: The new course and module structure allows learners to choose what area to tackle next, depending on their time availability, interests and concerns.

Spotlight on Students: We listened to our learners’ feedback and we implemented more student-specific information and improved our platform’s user experience.


What's New?

New Topics Unlocked: Visas, Accommodation and Renting, Financing and Access to Healthcare are some the topics we added to better cover life in the UK.

Benefit: Easy and unlimited access to content that speaks directly to the experience of international students. Learners can quickly check on-the-go and revisit as much as they need.

New Explore Page: All the course modules and lessons in one page, featuring new sleek graphics for our lesson tiles. Modules have been reorganized to provide a more holistic picture of life in the country.

Benefit: Learners can seamlessly navigate between modules and choose what to learn about next based on their needs and interests.

New About Page: Meet Natalie, our UK culture course guide, a friendly face to welcome learners to the About Page. Here, learners can have a sneak peek into the outline and learning outcomes of each module.

Benefits: Learners instantly understand what learning outcomes they are about to unlock, and the duration of each module right before diving in.

New Right Hand-side Bar: Every lesson page now features direct links to the Explore Page and to the CulturaGo Community Platform.

Benefits: Learners are in charge of their learning journey on the Platform and are able to immediately access the Community to ask for advice, share experiences and keep learning.

New home for the ‘Complete’ button: We listened to your feedback and embedded it in a more functional location at the end of each lesson that better reflects the natural flow of the learning process on the Platform.

Benefit: The new button makes the learning experience smoother while improving progress tracking and completions rates.


Our dedication to continually improve our products has led us to this transformative moment. We are immensely proud to present an online course that not only reflects the evolving landscape of education technology but also is driven by our interaction with our incredible community of learners. Together, we're creating a brighter, more informed, and empowered world of learners.

If you are interested in experiencing first-hand the passion and innovation behind the Introduction to UK Culture revamp and its new features, follow this link to enroll in the course.

If you’re interested in providing our Introduction to UK Culture course to your students, get in touch with us.


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