The Impact of CulturaGo Courses: A Testimonial From Centre College

May 30, 2023
The Impact of CulturaGo Courses

Centre College, recognized for its commitment to global education, sought to take their pre-departure preparation to the next level. CulturaGo emerged as the perfect solution, offering self-paced lessons that work hand in hand with their existing pre-departure support through developing students’ intercultural skills and providing invaluable insights into different cultures. Karen Ryan, Assistant Director for the Centre of Global Citizenship, shares her enthusiasm for our courses’ impact on students' pre-departure preparation and their cultural journey.

Building Confidence and Cultural Understanding

I was looking for an opportunity to provide our students with a taste of what they would experience before departing for their study abroad programs - allowing them to build confidence and learn more about the culture they would soon be immersed in”

Our cultural preparation courses proved instrumental in helping Centre College students build confidence and gain a deeper understanding of their destination cultures. Karen Ryan, a seasoned traveler herself, explains how CulturaGo's content offers unique insights into lifestyle customs that go beyond surface-level knowledge. By immersing themselves in these lessons, students develop confidence and a strong foundation before embarking on their study abroad programs.

A Mirror of Cultural Self-Reflection

“Students felt seen for who they were and were pleased to gain an understanding of how they would fit into their “new home”.

CulturaGo courses served as unprecedented resources which gave students the opportunity for self-reflection and cultural self-awareness. Karen emphasizes how the comprehensive cultural preparation content allowed students to see themselves within the cultures they would soon embrace. By prioritizing diversity in its material, CulturaGo helps students feel seen and understood, providing them with a sense of belonging and preparation for their "new homes."

Integrated Pre-Departure Materials

“The hope is that they can utilize what they’ve learned in the courses to benefit them as they arrive in their new location and adjust to life in a new culture”

To ensure students are fully prepared for their study abroad experiences, Centre College integrated our culture courses into their pre-departure materials. Students are assigned courses that correspond to their chosen countries and are required to complete them before departure. This integration allows students to utilize the knowledge gained from the courses as they navigate their new locations and adjust to life in a different culture.

Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“CulturaGo offers our students a deeper cultural learning that we haven’t found anywhere else. They felt this really prepared them and set them up for their study abroad experience in a way they would not have been without this content”

Drawing from her own global experiences, Karen attests to the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our courses. The content not only educates students on nuanced aspects like the communication styles and various customs and religions, but also features diverse faces and identities. Students who engaged with our courses expressed their appreciation for feeling "seen" and valued.

The courses address how diverse groups of people might be perceived in different countries, offering students a valuable perspective that prepares them for potential challenges. Karen shares the example of students heading to London, who found the coverage of British lingo in the course to be remarkably accurate and useful upon their arrival.

This inclusive approach adds immense value, making the courses a standout choice for students seeking authentic cultural learning.

Recommendation for Other Institutions

“I would absolutely recommend CulturaGo’s cultural preparation courses to other institutions. It has been an invaluable material added to our pre-departure, and students have greatly benefited from the accurate and detailed information they have learned. It is a great way to prepare students for their study abroad experience.”

We are thrilled with the positive impact CulturaGo courses have had on Centre College’s pre-departure preparation for their study abroad programs. Through our self-paced courses, we build students' confidence, facilitate cultural understanding, and encourage self-reflection. Centre College students have benefited immensely from our courses’ accurate and diverse content, preparing them to thrive in new cultural environments. Karen Ryan's endorsement serves as a testament to our contribution and commitment to students’ study abroad journeys and the importance of comprehensive cultural preparation.

In addition to partnering with university institutions like Centre College, we extend our support to all organizations involved in facilitating international experiences for those going abroad. If taking your pre-departure support to the next level sounds like something your department may benefit from, check out our partner page to find the best fit for you or simply contact us directly and we will be in touch.


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