CulturaGo Webinar: Intercultural and DEI Strategies in Support of Student Well-being Abroad

Feb 22, 2023

At CulturaGo, we are committed to preparing culturally-conscious travelers to develop cross-cultural skills, empathy, and a sense of global citizenship for their experience abroad. That is why we are honored to have intercultural educator and experiential learning expert Ebony Ellis officially join our team as Partnership Engagement and Learning Innovation Manager.

We are excited to announce that on March 8th, 2023 at 11 am (EST), Ebony will facilitate a 30-minute session on Intercultural and DEI Strategies in Support of Student well-being Abroad.

Join her to gain a better understanding of the role that intercultural competencies play in students’ well-being and learn tips and strategies on how to incorporate intercultural learning into your pre-departure processes. 

Whether you are a new educator in the field, a seasoned professional, or simply share an interest in the matter, this is a must-attend opportunity. We look forward to seeing you there!


Event Information: 

Event theme: Intercultural and DEI Strategies in Support of Student Well-being Abroad

When: March 8th, 2023 at 11 am (EST)

Who is this event for: International educators and intercultural enthusiasts.

Session content:

  1. Defining intercultural learning and its connection with DEI.
  2. Educational trends during the pandemic and their impact on student well-being.
  3. The importance of self-discovery in intercultural learning. 
  4. Tips for enhancing students' well-being abroad through DEI and intercultural learning.

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More about Ebony Ellis and her experience as an Intercultural & DEI Educator 

When it comes to international experiences, intercultural education holds the key role of promoting cultural awareness and understanding. Intercultural learning helps to bridge gaps by encouraging individuals to think about identity, experiences and culture from a wider perspective. It is a learning experience that develops skills and abilities to understand different worldviews and relate with people from diverse backgrounds. 

We are honored to introduce Ebony Ellis - our Partnership Engagement and Learning Innovation Manager - an expert in the field of intercultural education, experiential learning and DEI in international education. At CulturaGo, Ebony leads the way in creating inclusive learning environments and intercultural opportunities through partnerships and the implementation of educational strategies. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in History & Education and a Master’s degree in Leisure, Youth & Human Services - Ebony is well-equipped to share the expertise that backed her throughout her career, working with international students, educators and organizations. As an expert educator, Ebony has seen firsthand the positive effects of intercultural and experiential education on students’ development and successful international initiatives.

Her experiences include working with the University of Michigan Center for Global and Intercultural Study - leading the diversity and inclusion programming - and the U.S. Department of Defense - supporting families, children and youths worldwide. Recently, as founder and managing director of Aventurine Intercultural Learning Community and Educational Consulting, Ebony Ellis has been offering interactive workshops exploring the intersectionality of intercultural learning and DEI from a social justice perspective. 

We believe that intercultural education is a key component not only in supporting the growth and success of students and professionals, but also in creating a more inclusive and equitable world. At CulturaGo, we ensure our aim by working with experts like Ebony Ellis. We hope you will join us in our mission to promote understanding and respect for diverse cultures and help break down cultural barriers. Whether you are a new educator in the field, a seasoned professional, or simply share an interest in the matter, our informative session by Ebony Ellis on March 8th, 2023 at 11 am (EST) is a must-attend opportunity. We look forward to seeing you there!


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